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Join the TRIX Profi-Club and receive the latest information on new models, layout construction, technical advancements and historical articles about the railroads and prototypes. Get the most from your model railroading hobby.

Your first mailing of the English text Profi-Club News and Märklin Magazin will arrive by mail in approximately 4 weeks. (Märklin Magazine now includes articles for Trix and LGB, as well as Märklin.)

These are just some of the benefits you will enjoy as a member of the Profi-Club:
  • Trix Profi-Club News - 6 times a year
  • Märklin Magazin - 6 times a year
  • Trix full-line product catalog - certificate mailed in the fall
  • Personalized membership card
  • Annual Club car included with membership - certificate mailed in the fall
  • Special models members can purchase

One year memberships -$109.00 (Canadian Rate $109.00) (International Rate $109.00)
If you have any questions about the Trix Profi-Club contact us at:

How to join:

The easiest way is to join on-line with a VISA or MasterCard.

To renew your existing membership:
Visit our online renewal page and pay with a VISA or MasterCard.


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